• About SKiM

    Who is SKiM?

    SKiM is the acronym for Sisters Keeping it Moving.


    SKiM is an empowered community of individuals who have experienced sexual violence.

    It will provide both on and off line activity for those who are seeking community support help them to live fulfilled lives free from shame, guilt and stigma to become - better employees, bosses, business owners, wife’s, mothers and contributors to society.

    Who is SKiM for?

    Women and girls whom identify as being a survivor of sexual abuse & violence and want to be part of a self-development, empowerment and holistic space.

    FGM/FGC, sexual abuse, rape, assault, early forced marriage, exploitation, trafficking, and domestic violence.

    Our Mission

    • Empowerment of women survivors

    • Give a platform to the vital role of survivors

    • Join many voices’ as one to champion much needed societal activity i.e. Mandatory Human rights and child protection training everyone – including pre-teens and educators.

    • Survivor stories reclaimed

    • To change the way women see themselves, their lives and the world around them

    • Through community to help them find their voice

    • To empower individuals to get the ‘more’ out of life

    • Educate and inspire for change – how survivors are viewed, approached and communicated about

    • Initiate survivor awareness and campaigns

    • To be a lead panel research hub with pre-verified research participants for both online and face to face research

    • Input into policy/consultations on behalf of the government
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